The Round-Table Knights Returned Home In Triumph — Documentary of the”King of Avalon”s Trip to Bri

Business Having been sweeping around the world, the remarkable 3D-MMO war strategy mobile game “King of Avalon”, is recommended by application stores in more than 200 countries around the world. “A Trip to Britain In 2018•Summit of Round-Table Knights” has concluded a short time earlier. And eight round-table knights have returned home formally in triumph. While today, the official publicized the documentary of the round-table knights’ trip in Britain. In the documentary, the round-table knights will with the broad players explore how to break through the limitations between the virtual and the real, so as to greatermobility  better experience the essence of knighthood and the legend of King Arthur. Return To The Historical Origin and Explore The Path of Innovation During this trip to Britain, the official and the eight knights together visited the place where lies the tomb of King Arthur, Glastonbury Abbey. They together share videos returned to the origin of King Arthur’s history, opened round-table meeting and in fair and honest way they discussed the road of innovation about the “King of Avalon” in the future. At the round-table meeting, the knights expressed their views on how to play the game and how to protect the growth of players from different classes. In front of the ancient round table, this frank and open discussion also brought the knights closer to each other and reached four major issues, including the King’s rules. Immerse In History and Experience Chivalry During this trip to Britain, in addition to their visit to the place where lies the tomb of King Arthur, the eight knights also jointly experienced the ancient knight’s training courses, visited Glastonbury tor which has the ancient legend of “The Entrance of Avalon” and other places. They indulge themselves in the long river of history and understand the way of the inheritance of dog themed home décor knight culture in the contemporary time. During the trip, when receiving the interview of the production team, the knights have expressed to each other their honesty towards their trans-cross from the virtual to the real world to know each other. Though each person has a different character, they can feel the charm of the culture, which may give them an enlightenment after their return home and set an example on how to spread chivalry both in the game and in real world. After the round table knights’ trip to Britain, “King of Avalon” will take advantage of this trip and the actions of the eight knights to show the players’ experience of chivalry in the form of a documentary. As a strategy game set in Arthurian legend, it will also build more ways of playing and stories in the game to show the style of chivalry, so as to let the players feel as if they are exactly in the chaos of the British Isles, and they can create his or her own glory and honor. The “King of Avalon” — has been recommended both by the platform Google Play and the App Store in more than 200 countries, and once topped the U.S. bestseller list. According to statistics, in the past year, global accumulative total enrollment of “King of Avalon” reached more than 60 million, and numbers of players in China accounts for more than 18 million. Players in China only can form a medium-sized country. There are 6.4 million players who are monthly active, and Chinese monthly active players reached 2.3 million. Welcome to join this palace-level global service war and enjoy the noble luxury of chivalry Media contact Company Name: Insight Data Talking Institute City, State, Country: London, England, UK Address: 215-217 Charlotte Street, London W1T 1RJ, England Contact: Ronald Sims Tele: (+44) 20 7698 1963 Email: Website:

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